"Each day that I go to the Capitol, I am always mindful of our community and vote the way I believe my constituents would want me to. I’m deeply grateful that you allow me to serve as your state representative and represent our East Tennessee values in Nashville. ”

Jerry Sexton: Representing Our East Tennessee Values in Nashville


• A 100% Pro-Life voting record

Endorsed by Tennessee Right to Life


•A 100% Pro-Second Amendment voting record


•Defended our Christian values


•Received the "Champion of Prosperity" Award from Americans for Prosperity - Tennessee


•Strengthened the economy by sponsoring legislation and initiatives to lower unemployment in our district from 9% to 5%


Jerry has worked hard with his colleagues in the House and Senate to take care of our district by securing funding for roads and schools.

In the last two years, our district has received $152,739,253!


Claiborne County

Education Funding: $51,297,412

County Road Funding: $1,960,396


Grainger County

Education Funding: $44,942,938

County Road Funding: $1,748,884


Union County

Education Funding: $51,442,629

County Road Funding: $1,346,994


Additional Grants

$250,000 for Sewer Construction

$1,375,000 for Broadband Funding







• HB 2381, Unborn Children Monument commissions the construction of a pro-life monument at the state capitol.


• HB 2380, Cell Phone Towers Bill incentivizes cell phone providers to build cell towers in rural areas with little or no coverage.


• HB 529, Tennessee Broadband Accessibility provides rural areas access to reliable internet service.


• HB 2382, Special Hunting Permits for Disabled Veterans allows disabled persons and veterans to acquire a permit to hunt with air bows.


• HB 1083, Defending Community Corrections .Officers Authorizes community corrections officers with a carrying license to carry a gun at all times while working.



"I am committed

to sTANDING FOR the people of the

35th district by reducing the size

of government, lowering

taxes, and promoting

religious liberty."

Paid for by Committee to Elect Jerry Sexton, Chris Wilhoit Treasurer