"I chose to raise my family and run my business in East Tennessee because I truly believe that Tennessee is America at it's best. I go to Nashville to fight for family values and less government so that it stays that way."



About Jerry

• Married to Marsha Sexton for 43 years

• Member of Noeton Baptist Church

• Pastored Noeton Baptist Church for 25 years

• Owner of Sexton Manufacturing, LLC in Claiborne County which employs nearly 150 people

• Owner of Bushline, Inc. which employs nearly 60 people

• Owner of Grainger Roadway Logistics, LLC, a transportation and freight line delivering

products across the eastern part of the United States


One of ten children and the son of a coal miner and furniture worker, Jerry spent his first six years in Claiborne County. His parents then bought their first house in Grainger County and never moved again. Jerry went to elementary school in Bean Station and high school in Rutledge. He and Marsha raised their family in Grainger County, where their kids went to public school. In 1988 Jerry founded Sexton Furniture Manufacturing in Grainger. Today it employees nearly 200 Tennesseans and ships products around the world. He also pastored a local church for 25 years. Jerry was elected in 2014 to represent the 35th District for the 109th Tennessee General Assembly .




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